“Young politician school” – utopia or near future

Every citizen of the country which respects himself/herself, must always think about the future, think how he/she sees the future and which person he\she wants to become. Many young people want to try his hand in politics. But how to make a successful career as a politician? Where to start and where to go?
Previously, political parties were mostly interested in the situation when youth is engaged only in the protests, which they disburse. Thus, they can make their projects more popular compared to other. It is easier to choose the young politicians from their own people, and to others just to pay.
In such cases, young people rely only on themselves and their strength.
But time goes on, the power is changing, and together with it, a new look at political activity. Now a lot of political parties and politicians, in particular, are interested in replenishing their ranks with new experts. The country needs young, active people with a lot of new ideas that relate to political activities.
Nowadays, on order to support this fact, “Young politicians school” opens. In such a school every citizen who is confident in their abilities, can try to make their first steps in the political career.
Thanks to the “Young politician school” young professionals who have passed competitive selection due to the results of their activity, but not through the relatives connections or through full pockets, will get into the government. They will get an excellent opportunity to begin their successful political career and prove that they deserve to be among our authorities.

Blazhkun Olga

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